The Remus Lupins - Fell Into Your Arms chords

			     Fell Into Your Arms - THE REMUS LUPINS
Tabbed by: Lumos

It's one of my first tabs. I'm 98% sure it's right. So, enjoy it ;)

The chords are C- G - Em . Play whole song like this:

You are the only one for me
And I have found you.
Able to be tough and yet so sweet.
I found you.

Fell into my arms
As we won it all,
And I adore you
I care more than I know I really should
So I implore you
If you love me you’ll let me go
If you love me you’ll let me go
We’ve been through thick
And survived things others can’t imagine
I would gladly give my life to preserve your magic
The Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One
And I choose you
I wish it weren’t so, love
But, Ginny, there’s only one thing to do
Of you love me, let me go
If you love me, let me go
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