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The Remus Lupins - Looking For Trouble tab

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I was really disappointed that ultimate guitar didn't have that many wizard rock tabs so
thought I'd change that. Email me if you have a problem with them

			     Looking for Trouble- The Remus Lupins
Band site:
Tabbed by: snapitsmariel

Tuning: EADGBe

C#m            G#            A             E            C5
e:---4---     e:---4---     e:---5---     e:---0---     e:-------|
B:---5---     B:---4---     B:---5---     B:---0---     B:-------|
G:---6---     G:---5---     G:---6---     G:---1---     G:---5---|
D:---6---     D:---6---     D:---7---     D:---2---     D:---5---|
A:---4---     A:---6---     A:---7---     A:---2---     A:---3---|
E:---x---     E:---4---     E:---5---     E:---0---     E:---x---|

B5            B             (some harmonic)
e:-------     e:---7---     e:---12+---|
B:-------     B:---7---     B:---12+---|
G:---4---     G:---8---     G:---12+---|
D:---4---     D:---9---     D:---12+---|
A:---3---     A:---9---     A:---12+---|
E:---x---     E:---7---     E:---12+---|

Intro: Dm G# /A A

C#m                       G#
I dont care how much you write
                             /A         A
I'm not going back to Privet Drive
C#m                            G#
Gonna spend the summer at the burrow
/A           A
With my girl

E                G#        /A
Then we're going lookin for trouble
E     G#          C5           B5
Gonna finish this once and for all
E                G#        /A
Then we're going lookin for trouble
E     G#          C5           B5      C#m~      G#~     A
Gonna finish this once and for all

Verse 2:
C#m               G#
Dont go expecting answers
                  A         A
I'm taking hedwig with me
C#m             G#
and when theyre ready
        A          (some harmonic)
Ron and Hermione

Chorus x1

Bridge: C#m     G#     A     A
C#m (let ring)                G# (let ring)
And though before we had our reasons
              A (let ring)
This time its personal
C#m (let ring)       G# (let ring)
You can pretend you dont care
But you know you cried.

Chorus x1

Coda: C#m    G#     B    A
C#m     G#        B                 A         C#m
(do you have any leads on where the horcruxes are?
      G#          B     A
cuz i dont have a clue
C#m    G#            B       A
i just dont know who RAB is
C#m    G#    B      A
             do you? do you?)

Chorus x2

Ending: C5    B5    C5 B5 E

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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