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The Republic Tigers - Buildings And Mountains chords

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Bm  D  C#m Em  D  X2

F#m  E  Bm  E  X2

Verse: (all follow same progression)

F#m                         E
We've been waiting all our lives
For things we've always had
But have no eyes to see.
F#m                        E
Something new is going to happen,
The most natural thing
But nothing we'd expect.

Bm                        D
All these buildings and mountains,
Slowly they'll arise
  Em        D
Before our eyes.

How do cities understand?
We drink our wine, and wonder why we're really here.
Whats the point of even asking?
We take the good and bad
And make the best of it.

All these buildings and mountians,
Slowly they'll arise
Before our eyes.

Have you watched the cities move?
Does nature fall before
This age of industry?
For today I'll let it go
You've been good to me,
Have I been good to you?

All these building and mountains,
Slowly they'll arise
Before our eyes
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