The Rescues - I Miss Missing You chords

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“I Miss Missing You”- The Rescues
Tabbed by Robin Young

For extra help, look out for a cover of this song on my YouTube channel, under 
the username likeROCKSTAR.

Tuning: DADGAD, Capo 3
*All chords are relative to capo and are written out in the key of D. For the 
real notes, transpose up by 3 half-steps to the key of F.

Asus4:        770700     (AEDDAD)
A(add11):     770600     (AEDC#AD)
B-7:          990700     (BF#DDAD)
Csus2(add13): 10.10.0000 (CGDGAD)
D5:           000200     (DADAAD)
D/F#:         400200     (F#ADAAD)
E-7sus4       220000     (EBDGAD)
G(add9):      550400     (GDDBAD)
G-(add9):     550300     (GDDBbAD)
Gsus2:        550000     (GDDGAD)
Gsus2(#11):   550600     (GDDC#AD)

E-7sus4  D/F#  Gsus2 (2x)

Gsus2(#11)                         D5           A(add11)
          I used to wish away your memory every night
Gsus2(#11)                       D5    A(add11)
Trying to erase the lines you’ve drawn
Gsus2(#11)                           D5            A(add11)
          But suddenly, you’ve faded almost out of sight
           B-7    Csus2(add13) G(add9)
Now you’re going, going,       gone

D5 E-7sus4      D/F# G(add9)
Why       did I try
   B-7             A(add11)
So hard to let you go?
Well, deep down, I don’t know
   D5 E-7sus4          D/F#             G(add9)
If I         am really ready to say goodbye
    B-7       A(add11)      G(add9)
Now what am I gonna hold on to?
E-7sus4 D/F#  G-      D5
I       miss  missing you

I always felt some comfort in my loneliness
If nothing else, it filled the space
Now that I’m over you, I’m left with emptiness
And nothing to take its place


E-7sus4 D/F#  G-
I       miss  missing…

B-7              A(add11)         G(add9)    D5  A(add11)
   Your smile on every stranger’s face I saw
B-7              A(add11)         G(add9)       Asus4  A(add11)
   Now I have to concentrate to remember you at all


E-7sus4 D/F#  G-      B-7         A(add11)
I       miss  missing you, yes, I do
E-7sus4 D/F#  G-      D5
I       miss  missing you
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