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The Riot Before - Words Written Over Coffee chords

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		 Words Written Over Coffee - The Riot Before

GREAT song by an AMAZING band, the progression is the same for a lot of the song 
so ill just skip a few verses


 G                 Am              C        

Pages filled cover the floor all covered up with ink

 E                 D                       C

Words written over coffee document my struggling

       G                   Am                E

Those mornings spent sitting alone mourning alone in grief

E                   D             C

For all I killed in search of honesty



I did not take inheritance when I left to go away 


I did what was commanded when that rich man asked to be saved


I left my friends my family behind all for heaven's sake

 C                                        G   

I am no prodigal and this is no mistake

G                  D

Ohh this is no mistake


No this is no mistake


Well I'm no mistake

So the next verse is the same as the first few,  and thats pretty much the song(minus the solo)
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