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The Rock N Roll Worship Circus - I Love The Rain tab

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Tabbed by: Ronald Teune (rtwolf at gmx . net)
Following are the chords of the song, plus some riddles I figured out; [E] means the 
note 'E'; [A-h-B] means A hammer on B.

G                   [E] [F#]    G    [G] [A-h-B] G
Have you ever loved someone so much
        C            G    Am
That a tear in your eye comes welling up
     Bm                             Em   [E] [F#]
Well how much more is your Fathers love?

    C  G            D  Dsus4 D
Coz I love the rai-ain
C                   G                        D
Its like tears are falling from my Fatherís face
C  G            D
I love the rai-ain
C                  Am C
Tears from up above
And thatís my Fatherís love

Well have you ever known
The sting of shame
You're walking around, you carriy the weight
Wondering if your tears will wash away
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