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The Ronettes - Keep On Dancing tab

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Keep On Dancing

Little girl you know Iíve been watching you
Dm                        G
Trying to catch my babyís eyes
Since you ball started youíve been after him
    Dm                           C
And I can see you wanna steal my guy,
Dm               G                C 
And this kind of fun is much too (?)
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           Dm             G
So keep on dancing little girl
Keep on dancing little girl
          Dm                G
Round and round now, little girl
Keep on dancing little girl
            F             F7
Youíre only wasting time, heís all mine
   C                 Dm             G
He loves me, keep on dancing little girl

(move up 1/2 measure)
If youíre gonna take his love away from me
Just because you dance the way you do
Donít you see he hasnít even looked your way
So you can dance until the night is through
My babyís ainít gonna look at you                


by: Josť Duarte
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