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The Ronettes - I Wonder tab

I Wonder 
Intro: F   C  (2X)

Mama said, before I'd grown
I'll find somebody I could call my own
So when the stars are shining bright 
I dream about the boy who's gonna hold me tight
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And I wonder(Wonder what or who he'll be)
Oh I wonder(Wonder what or who he'll be)
Will he be good to me(Wonder what or who he'll be)
C                       F            Dm 
Wonder if he'll love me Forever, and ever
Everynight, I close my eyes
And there is something that I visualise
I hear a voice say 'I love you'
And picture all the things
That we're gonna do


F                            Bb 
I hope we'll never make each other cry
G            G7             C
I pray we'll never ever say goodbye
C7        F
Woa ho oh oh


By Josť Duarte
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