The School Of Worship - King Of The Broken chords

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King of the Broken
The School of Worship

Key of D

Intro: D G Bm A // D G Bm D-Em

D                    G             D
King of the broken, friend of the poor
F#m                   Em
No one so worthy has offered up more
Bm             D/F#      G             D/F#
In Your great mercy You flung wide the door
Em               A     D
We will be Yours always

              G        D/F#
Worthy is the Lamb of God
                 G      F#m
Jesus Christ the Holy One
              G               D
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
                 Em     D          A
To receive all glory, power and praise
        G                D/F#
You who sit enthroned on high
                G          F#m
You who have redeemed our lives
                         G          D
You broke the curse and conquered sin
            Em                A
We will be Yours, We will be Yours always

Love of the hopeless, Great Sacrifice
Beautiful Sovereign, Father of lights
You laid down Your glory, Gave up Your rights
We will be Yours always

Bm                       D
We will worship You for You have redeemed us
A                     Em
Out of every nation, people and tongue
G                         Bm
May the Lamb who was slain be praised
       A                    G
He has taken the sin of the world
        Em                   A
He has taken the sin of the world

Author of justice You made the trade
Jesus our ransom, You are mighty to save
Champion of heaven You saved the day
We will be Yours always
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