The Secret Stars - Some Sinatra tab

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Ok. This is my first try at tabbing something here. I've been looking for these chords 
but they're almost non-existant. Here's my best crack at it. The song is actually a lot 
simple than I thought, but I don't have the solo. If anyone has any ideas, please get them in.

Hope you like it.

Secret Stars- Some Sinatra Tabbed by Antoko

Dsus2/B        Dsus2/A       Dsus2/G
(x20230)      (x00230)      (3x0230)


Dsus2/B  Dsus2/A  Dsus2/G 

::Verse 1::

Dsus2/B         Dsus2/A             Dsus2/G
       How many times have I said I love you
            Dsus2/A           Dsus2/B
In the back seat of your car?
         Dsus2/A                Dsus2/G
How many times have I seen your profile
       Dsus2/A             Dsus2/B
In the photo booth so far?
         Dsus2/A                Dsus2/G
How many times have we rode our bikes
       Dsus2/A             Dsus2/B
to the IHOP late at night
              Dsus2/A          Dsus2/G
down down the big hill by your house
we watched the moon together

-------------------SOLO(progression plays throughout)-------------------
::Verse 2::

Dsus2/B          Dsus2/A       Dsus2/G
        some sinatra just for us
         Dsus2/A              Dsus2/B
from the tape deck late at night
       Dsus2/A             Dsus2/G
as the rain sprays on your face
            Dsus2/A              Dsus2/B
through the window while we fight
                  Dsus2/A         Dsus2/G
I really tried to see it your way
          Dsus2/A             Dsus2/B
but I was tired and it was late
     Dsus2/A              Dsus2/G(strum into second solo)
so I lied when I said manana

cause our tomorrow never came

------------2nd solo--------------

That wasn't so hard, was it?

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