The Shanes - Kiruna chords

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Intro: Em Am B x2

Verse 1:
     Em                            Am
The flag fly yellow and blue, the northern light shine bright. 
     D                                        Em
The midnight sun keeps shining strong, in the middle of the night.
     C                    Em
The kebnekaise montain, majestic in the sky. 
   C                          B
Looking down upon us with the mothers eagle eye.

Ohhh Kiruna
Ohhh Kiruna
D      B                 Em     Am B
Shines like the northern star.

Verse 2
E                            A
Welcome up the mine and, the surface for the night. 
    D                                 E                         Em
The tired faces, and blackened soul, contrasts with the white.
C                                Em
You can stay the evening, at the cool blue icehotel.
    C                                 B
You better close the door, because outside it's cold as hell.

G     Em
Ohhh, Kiruna
Ohhh, Kiruna
 D      B                  Em
Shines, like the northern star.

Am D Em 
C D Em
Am D B Em C

Fm            Bbm
Kiruna. Ohhh, Kiruna
Eb    C
Fm           Bb
Kiruna. Ohhh Kiruna
Eb      C                 F
Shines, like the northern star.

Bbm C F
Bbm C F
Bbm C
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