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The Skints - Sociopath chords

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This song is pretty easy, it's just the same two chords throughout, with a different 
rhythm in places.

Chords: Bm F#m

All my friends are sociopaths, it's alright, I won't rest tonight
All the foundations were built on spite, It's alright

Some people struggle through the oppression, there is a lesson there:
just hold your head high, right up to the sky, you'll be skankin' without a care
Ya roll the dice, ya pay the price, it isn't very fair
You find yourself in a place that you might never have been before
Look at the time and see no crime and a baby wanting more,
but every time you look in her eyes you see she's just a whore

Sitting alone in my living room, sipping on a cup of echinacea tea,
just reading the headlines, look at the state of our society:
the criminal gang lords threatening kids to take their guns for free
'Cause the younger they getting the worser they getting, ya better listen dear
They coming, knocking right on your door, better get the hell out of here
They gonna blow your god damn brains all over the chandelier!

She got a swastika tattooed to the torso
You look in her eyes and see in her face, she not remorseful
Swastika, ain't no ordinary sticker it's a swastika!
Ain't just the kind of sticker ya peel off, it's a swastika!

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