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The Smith Street Band - The Smith Street Band chords

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Hey guys,

Just got back from a 10 day road trip and I think I listened to this EP at least 20 
times, I immediately felt the need to write it out.  I'll have the other songs up soon too.

South East Facing Wall
The Smith Street Band

Tuning: Standard

Wil plays hammer-ons on some of the chords, they're pretty easy to sound out once you've 
got the chords.

Intro:  D  (DaddG, Dsus)


D                     A                   Bm                  G
Speak of the handsome devil, oh when will I wear you like and hand in a glove?

D                           A                            Bm
You smother me, smother me, smother me in Morrissey like all the pretty ones

have done before,

    D                            A                             Bm
And writing songs for you in the backyard of another house show,

When all I wanna do is sleep and all my friends wanna do is see me fall,

D                  A
Watching music television with the sound down,

     Bm                         D
It's technicolor rainbows and I think it's kicking in now,

   D                  A                      Bm               G
And there's more confidential information on mainstream radio stations

D              A        Bm     G
Someone famous just got caught,

D              A        Bm       G
Someone famous just got a divorce


D                                    A
So I walk into my front door and I'm going in swinging,

Bm                             G
I'm going down drinking like I swore that I wouldn't,

D                            A
And I'll come in singing and I'll walk out screaming,

      Bm                  G                                    D   A  Bm  G
Cause no one gives a fuck anymore, no one cares about this but you


D                           A
And I need a break from the city again,

                Bm                G
So I'll play in backwater pubs in no-name towns, pass out in your garden shed,

    D                         A                   Bm
And last night I slept in the country estate of a pretty girl's parents' in

a single bed with my best friend,

      D                 A                        Bm
And I woke up to air so clean and so fresh that I didn't dare light a


D                       A
As much as I love being near you,

   Bm                          G
My favourite thing to do is to leave

D      A        Bm    G
If you drive me home,

D                              A            Bm          G
I would've sat with you by the fire 'til my eyes closed


D                Bm                          A           G
I'd be happy, if American Spirit was nothing more than a brand of cigarettes,

              D                Bm                               A
And there are no more metaphors, this hunger feels like hunger,

A greedy, filthy need from the very pit of me,

D                        Bm
And am I the only one holding on by skin of my teeth,

       A                                G
But I don't eat meat motherfucker, so I haven't got very strong teeth

D                               Bm
By the skin of my teeth, by the skin of my teeth,

                    A                                          G
By the holes in the floor, the water that drips in through the cracks in the ceiling,

D                         Bm
By the mice in the walls, from the fingernail gash in the doorframe,

A                                               G            D  Bm  A  G
From the blackened handprints on the south east facing wall

        D             Bm               A     G
Where I sit and I watch the heavy rain fall,

Yeah I sit and I watch Smith Street drown

**Disclaimer: There is a very good chance this tab is not 100% correct and I am okay 
with that.  Leave your respectful corrections or tips in the comments box and the tab will
be corrected**

If you're a fan of Wil's and The Smith Street Band I've got a couple SSB tabs up on UG.  
(Self Control, Belly of your Bedroom, My New Dress Up Shoes, How They Made Us, Get High 
See Mice)


By: Christian Suderman
Username: Sudey
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