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The Soft Pack - Extinction chords

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Good song from The Muslims or I think The Soft Pack is there proper nomenclature
now. Have not seen it chordied or tabbed sounds ok to me though.

Power Chordies: D A Fm A (Intro)

D               A
If you give me a gun,

Fm            A
I'll point at you.

D                    A
If you think I'm the one,

Fm                    A
That has to answer to you.

D              A        Fm   A
'Cause I've got news for you.

D             A       Fm   A
Yes, I've got news for you.


A           Fm          A
I don't owe anything to you.

A           Fm          A
I don't owe anything to you.

D        A       Fm     A
This is extinction   for you.

Solo: Play 2X

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