The Story So Far - The Glass chords

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                        THE GLASS - THE STORY SO FAR
Tabbed By: Nano511
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Before you get confused, let me tell you that the chord names are correct. However, they
may not correct relative to the tuning. For example The first chord (x466xx) should be
C#, but the guitar would be down a halfstep the chord is really a C. Sorry if this is 
confusing, but the song is probably played in Drop D and i prefer not to play in drop D so i
tried to make it work for both Drop D and Down a half step. You can always email me if 
you are still confused.

Chords for half step down tuning(Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)
C =>x466xx
F =>244xxx

Open Chords for half step down tuning(this is how i play it on my acoustic guitar)
C =>x46600
F =>x44200

chords for Drop D(DADGBe)
C =>111111xxx(elevens, not ones)
Db=>121212xxx(those are twelves)
F =>333xxx

Db->Bb x2
C->Db  x2
C->Db->Ab->Bb x2

Lead you so far down
I could tell you’d never been
Told me that time’s near
Ab                      Bb
And how it will change everything
Db                       Bb
I’m not so open like the window you are
    Db                      Ab
The glass just reflects the scar

Told me that you had to leave
But how the fuck does that change anything?

     Db           F      Ab
Your glare is the faintest
   Bb                   Ab
No brightness to show
           Db             F     Ab      Bb        Ab
I made the best of what I thought was impossible
Db               F    Ab     Bb          Ab
You were the spade I used to dig this hole
Db            F   Ab     Bb        Ab
Blistered my skin to the bone

Swear all the pain’s done
No trace or tremor here
Db                   Ab        Bb
Or am I still numb? Have I been this whole year?
Db                   Bb
So let me bite down, feel the clench in my teeth
Db                Ab         Bb            Db      Ab
Till I come around then relapse and repeat
Then relapse and repeat


Db->C->Db(Timing may be tricky here)

Bb       Db       Ab      Bb
Now you’re gone
C        Db       Ab      Bb
Now you’re gone
C        Db       Ab      Bb
Now you’re gone
C        Db       Ab      Bb
Now you’re gone
Ab            Db
Now you’re...
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