The Story So Far - Small Talk chords

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                       SMALL TALK - THE STORY SO FAR
Tabbed by: Nano511

Sorry if the chord names are confusing, they are relative to standard tuning(EADGBe). As 
i was going through i realized the song is most likely played in Drop D but i would 
rather not play in Drop D,  so i tweaked the tab to accommodate everyone heh.

Chords for Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb
F =>022xxx
F =>224xxx
Bb  =>x244xx

Open Chords for Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb( This is how i play it acoustically)
Ebm =>022400
F =>224300
Bb  =>x24400

Chords for Drop D
Ebm  =>111xxx
Gm  =>555xxx
F  =>333xxx
Bb =>888xxx
Cm  =10-10-10-x-x-x

Intro: Ebm

Of all the roads I took the wounded way
Of all the words that you chose to say
There was only three that held any weight
The rest was all just small talk

Lust, I hate it
  Bb                   Cm
I guess itís what you make it
Now it's said with past tense
        Bb              Cm
For the sake of moving past this

Breaking in to me
Tell it how you think it's going to be
I'll bite back with broken teeth
So helpless
         F      Gm    Ebm
(I can't help this)

I sense
Your purpose
                    Gm        F
So tense inside yet not on the surface
And if this is worth it
                        Amb   F
Then why is there still small talk?


[Chorus] x2

So where is my patience
I cannot erase this
    Bb                     F
It lives inside me and it will die with me
     Gm             Ebm         Bb
This gap between us grows on
                 F            Gm      Ebm     Bb
The last thing I want to do is move on
      F               Gm      Ebm     Bb   F
This gap between us grows on

[Ebm  Gm F ]


end on Ebm
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