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The Submarines - Submarine Symphonika chords

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This is designed to be a really easy tab, it's my first attempt at one so I'm sure has 
many flaws but hopefully it's good for beginners.

Intro C, E, Am

C                       E
If you live in the city
And you want it to burn
Because you think nobody could learn
The delicate demons and
Loneliest ways of a heart

Thats been broken      C

       E             Am
Say what you will,
C       E             Am
Love finds you even when,

You've given it up

All verses follow this pattern............

For this verse you can either keep going with C, E, and Am, or pick a basic rhythm


You've sworn off clubs and bars
Fridays with the girls
You say homes where you'll be
But soon your own sweet love
Who needs you'll be lying in your arms

The rest of the song just follows C, E and Am chords

Hope you enjoy it :)
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