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The Sunday Drivers - I Aint Down tab

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The Sunday Drivers - I ain't down

Intro: D#m G#

D#m G#
Youīre going to say youīre not to blame
and you just care about yourself.
You just always got away.
I ainīt down, I ainīt down.


Dm, G
Bet on another, donīt be wrong
or youīll be lost, yeah, youīll be lost.
No, I donīt want to be a load.
I ainīt down, I ainīt down.


C#m, F#
This creakīs the creaking of my teeth,
thereīs nothing clean inside of me.
Crawl, crawl and donīt know where to fall.
B, G#
I ainīt down, I ainīt down.

D#m, G#
Iīm in an hurry to be fortunate
and it seems itīs late.
Take no notice of a word I say,
I will get success.

A, G#, F#, G#
I ainīt down, I ainīt down.


by YonkiE
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