The Sunday Drivers - I Should Go tab

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Drop D
G  |555xxx
B  |X244xx
C  |x355xx
Cm |x35543

G		G/D (let ring)
"Kiss me" she said.
But don't let this moment
	  Cm (let ring)
Pass you by.

G		     G/D (let ring)
"You missed me" she said.
But I only closed my eyes
	   Cm (let ring)
For a second.

B         C	     G
  Let's forget about tonight.
And think tomorrow
B      C              G
 I can only think of one reason why
G/D 	     B
I should go but
C          G       G/D
  I should go	
I'll see you tomorrow
		   Cm (let ring)
I'll see you tomorrow
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