The Sunday Drivers - When I Cant Sleep tab

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A, Bm, G, A
There's nothing you can do for me
There's nothing I can do for free
You always say you wanna die
You've got no world enough to hide
And I wonder what you do
When you are alone in your room
And I wonder how it feels
To be alone in the streets.

Panic's coming back tonight
and I'm afraid, I can't deny
I have remembered names and tales
I've heard a noise under the bed
And I wonder if you sleep
I can only hear you breathe
and I wonder if it's gone
or remain here till I'm old.

D, A
I've never felt this pain before
I've never been so cold
The sun comes through the window now
G, C, E, A
Over the trees, and I can't sleep

A, Bm, G, A
I have a look I have no choice
I told you I'm a common boy
I wear this face, I am this pale
A reason more for being insane
And I wonder what you do
Sleeping with this sort of fool
And don't wonder what I do
When I'm alone in my room

by YonkiE
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