The Swellers - Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now tab

I'm still a little iffy on the intro, but I do think I have most of it. You might 
need to tweak it here and there to make it how you would like it, but if not, play 
it how I do. I also made some "chords" you can play with the song so check them out first.

A5 (577000)
F#m (044000)
AG (046600)
B (024400)
E (079900)
B1 (799000)


A5           F#m        AG                           A5
Six of us pack, in the car and stare out at the stars
       B                E   B1
Wondering if you're up there
A5                 B           E                         A5
When I heard the news, I went numb, at first in denial
         B       E
but somehow, I knew
           A5                         E
Don't look down, set yourself up for falling
            A5                AG            B
Don't look back, the past is never good enough
           A5                 AG              B
Don't look up, you won't find answers in the clouds
      A5                 B1              A5
Keep looking where your eyes are looking, now
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