The Tallest Man On Earth - Tangle In This Trampled Wheat chords

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This song uses what I think is a pretty unusual tuning (E A D G B D) and on the EP 
recording there's a capo on the 5th fret. I'm not good enough to tab this 
precisely, but I figured out the chords and although I'm not gonna tab it, the 
melody on the higher strings is pretty easy to figure out from there. Someone else 
can take it from here. 

Not sure this is what the chord's called but this is how you play it: 



|G  C/G |G  C/G |D6/F#  |     |Am   |D6/F#  |Am   |D6/F#


G                    C/G          G
Been so many days of longing now
              Em           D6/F#
Why should it ever be this far
Where I get frightened
        G            D6/F#                             G    C/G   D6/F#
I could never gather birds enough to carry 'round your heart

          G              C/G               G
But I see traces of your thoughts out here
        Em              D6/F#
I see a sight; I hear a sound
       Am             G              D6/F#                           
I only comfort in the brittleness of days when 
                       G      C/G   D6/F#
I can hold what I just found

            C       G           D6/F#    Em
It's in the untired eyes of the laughing child
        C        G          D6/F#
And the dirtiest sweater he owns
       C          G
Early, sun-warmed pine
              D6/F#     Em
And all those life-like sins
          C            G           D6/F#  
That will pull out the memories to show
I'm not leavin' alone
G       C/G           G    C/G
I'm not leavin' alone

Back to the intro, repeat for the next verse and chorus, and that's it. 
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