The Taxpayers - Bike Cops chords

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Verse: G B7 Em C -> C7

Chorus: G Em Am C

G B7 Em C -> C7
You got caught up in U-locks, played chicken with bike cops,
danced badly with employees at hotel picket lines.
Stole copies from Kinko's, spray painted the windows,
and slept on the floor for a year.
Then they got you on charges of assaulting an officer, 
interfering with a “protector of the peace”,
disorderly conduct, harassment, and trespassing;
we panicked, and now you're locked in a jail cell alone.

G Em Am C
But don't ever get lonely. You've got friends
In most places, you got friends (x4)

G B7 Em C -> C7 (x2)
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