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The Tears - The Asylum chords

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There are some Gm that might be a A#, so, keep your ears sharped.

When I hear the man outside my window
Kicking down my door,
Dm           Am              C
And all the megaphones are screaming
Letters of the Lord

          A#                   C
Would you walk in through the gates
     Gm      C            Gm
And visit me, would you, please?
A#       F
In the Asylum

(Just repeat the chords)
When they're counting out the chemicals
And doing daily tasks, 
And giving out prescription drugs,
And putting on their masks

            A#                  C
Would you wander through the grounds,
           Gm  C
To visit me, 
          A#           Gm
As they opened up the gates 
And turn the key, would you, please?
In the Asylum

        Gm              C
If they burn my brain away,
                 Gm    C
Would you understand?
If they try to hold me down,
Would you hold my hand?
             Gm    A#        F
Could you stand, stand the Asylum?

In the Asylum
In the Asylum
In the Asylum
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