The Terrordactyls - Overlapping Circles chords

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So here's my attempt at the chords for Overlapping Circles, if something sounds off, do tell :).

*Note*: the intro sequence is played over each lot of wowowows.

INTRO: C   F C C   G   C   F   C G C


           C                                F         C
Well if we really just grew out of pools of filth and chemicals
And nothing's really all that real, even how we feel
           C                                F
And if our bodies and our hearts are mostly bodies of water
           C            F                C      G      C
Then maybe something or somebody else is living inside me


          C                                F           C
So here's hoping that I'm hosting loads of parasites inside my brain
And in my gut I've got a town of trains and real life trains
                C                                       F
And they've got arms and legs and wheels and hearts and feelings of their own
            C                F                C	       G    C
I bet their spirits rise and fall, I bet they hurt and feel alone


              F                                  C
Well I hope a world that doesn't hate so much is living in my heart
          F                               G
And in my mind something is getting built instead of torn apart
        Am                                F                  C	
What if everything I thought of somewhere at some point were true
        Am           F                 C       G       C
What if everything I felt was just the hurt of missing you

        C                                     F             C
What if what if we could share something that felt a little pure?
What if my and your Venn diagrams were two wholly overlapping circles
    C                              F
And what if we weren't always all alone inside our heads?
       C                F                 C            G       C
If can bring our lovers home to share our thoughts and not our beds.
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