The Tossers - Siobhan chords

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     G                            C              D
Iíll take the bucket to the well, Siobhan, oh Siobhan.
G                                 D
For to boil your breakfast and to keep the cottage warm.
    G                                  C                    D       
And for the blend your whiskey, so you can drink it here at home,
   G                                         G     D      G
Oh please donít stay out all night long, for every pub to roam.

   G                                         D
Siobhan is on the whiskey, Siobhan is on the gin,
   G                                                      D 
Siobhan is drinking Red Bull and Vodka and wonít be home again.
  G                                C               D
I stay up late here every night, although it is no sin,
  G                               G        D     G
Siobhan is on the whiskey and she wonít be home again.

G                             C              D
Beautiful in go-go boots, she waltzes to the bar.
        G                                 D
And the boys they all surround her coming from the near and far.
  G                                 C                D
Although I am not allowed inside, I must stay in the car.
   G                                     G        D      G
Oh please be still my beating heart, she shimmers like a star.
    D                                 G
And in the din and dimmest light, she holds her court, you see.
  D                                  G
I wish for just one moment she would have a drink with me.
C                                    G
In the pub she is the center, like a life-affirming sun,
    A                                     D
and she is happy and sheís warming, cause Siobhan is having fun.


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