The Trews - Ill Find Someone Who Will chords

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 "I'll Find Someone Who Will"(The Trews/Hynes/Johnson)
  From "Hope & Ruin" (2010)

 Intro/Recurring Riff: X2 

      B|--5-7-9-5-10-10-9-10-9-7-5-9*|*5 second time.

   E                                      A     B          E
  Give the people what they want,they're taken with your charm
   E                                      A            B
  Will your smile light up the room, and set off the alarm?
   E                                   A               B   C#m            
  That will bring us to our feet, yeah we all know the drill
        A     A/g#    F#m         E             B                (E)
  You better break my heart real soon, or I'll find someone who will


  You can play your old guitar,you've broken every string
  All your dreams are broken too, "Death were is thy sting?"
  You want me, but do you have the nerve to come in for the kill?
  Break my heart, you better do it soon or I'll find someone who will


      E                   A          E          A      B         E
  (If You don't break my heart real soon, I'll find someone who will)

  Middle Eight:

          A       E              A     E             B
         Tear it apart, I wanna lose myself in your song
                     A                 E
         I know you think that you're smart, 
               A        E       B
         but nobody's singing along.

         Go on, tear it...
                    A                  B
       so look me square in the eye, Hello's as good as goodbye...

  Waiting for your grand reply you're never one to choke
  Come on baby, light my fire, I'll inhale the smoke
  your silence frankly deafens me, there's so much space to fill
  If you don't break my heart real soon....

 I'll find someone who will...tear it apart!
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