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The Trews - Im Not Ready To Go tab

There's one part in the song that I'm stil trying to figure out so this tab is not he 
song, but is basicaly what he plays before it. Enjoy :)

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Main Riff:
E|-----------------------------------------------|  R A M T N
B|-----------------------------------------------|  E S A I E
G|-----------------------------------------------|X P   N M E
D|--99-11-9999-11-99--------7-9-11---------------|  E   Y E D
A|--77-7--7777-7--77--7-9-11------7--|  A--------|     S E
E|-----------------------------------|  T--------|       D


E|-------------------------------------------------|  R A M T N
B|-------------------------------------------------|  E S A I E
G|-----------------------------141414--------------|  P   N M E
D|--141414---141414---141414---141414--------------|X E   Y E D
A|--141414---141414---141414---121212--|  A--------|     S E
E|--121212---121212---121212-----------|  T--------|       D
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