The Uncluded - Delicate Cycle chords

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A                         E
I can take my finger off, old dog, old trick
G              D
New twist like actually take the finger off
A                           E
Wrap it in a blanket as you would a severed horse head
G                             D
Mail it to a friend you wanna pinky swear more with and
A                             E
Should they need a forearm or something they can practice drawing skulls on
G                        D
Cut it from the shoulder while the saw's warm
A                         E
The full appendage really make a world of difference
G                            D
Included too are 30 teeth to chew out all your critics
A                           E
32 would have been perfect, 2 were casualties of it's it's-
G                                 D
I always wanted radder things for Christmas
The rest were cool
I'm shipping out a torso in the a.m
           G                             D
You should learn to hit the organs every time at 40 paces - 
it's important
I can't explain why now, by the way
G                D
Legs in a crate delivery by today
A                         E
If a uniformed man knock knocks, sign his document
G                                     D
You shouldn't have to walk out to the mailbox for the other shit

[Verse 2: Kimya Dawson]
A            E                      G            D
My mom was a lunch lady when I was in elementary school
        A              E
She was outside during recess
          G                          D              
She had a whistle and I thought that that was cool
        A              E                        G             D
She was really nice to all the kids who didn't have a lot of friends
           A                 E                   G          D
She would give them hugs and tell them jokes or she'd play catch with them
         A                  E                  G              D
And, my dad worked at the laundromat which was really cool to me
            A           E
I'd get to open up the washing machines
     G                 D
And clean them out and collect the money
        A          E                            G             D
And I'd open soap dispenser and put new little boxes of soap inside
       A                       E
I knew how it worked and I was good at it
     G                           D
And helping out filled me with a sense of pride
        A                 E                        G                D
I would meet all kinds of people there and I would look them in the eye
             A                  E
And I'd say "Hi! Excuse me, but do you mind
     G                     D
If I shine the glass while your clothes dry?"

[Hook: Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson] (x4)
A        E
My whole life is a
(My whole life is a delicate cycle)
  G                 D
A delicate cycle, a delicate cycle

[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
         A                       E
Inside a jar with a lid, a giant arm with head
             G                             D
They said it used to walk upright and like New York after ten
           A                      E
One day it woke up out of order, nothing more to extend
G                     D
Delicate cycle in the alpha of its orbiting zen
            A                           E
When it's a impersonal skill is already poor at its best
   G                               D
A conversation can be riddled with exorbitant debt
              A                             E
And you don't know it, but I know I owe you more than I've kept
          G                         D
So if you find a biohazard by your door on the step
         A                                 E
Maybe it couldn't find its faculties, but swore it would help
          G                         D
Wanted to be a larger part than its abnormalcies let
              A                       E
Hang on, I'm overnighting eyes with a headlight-deer stare
G                D
One up, Vin Van, UPS and ear pair
A                          E
Wear 'em if you need a new perspective on a weird year
     G                             D
And one day when I'm better we can square away a fair share
A               E
The last frame silhouetted by the sun
       G                   D
Was an air mail stamp on a still warm tongue

[Verse 4: Kimya Dawson]
A       E               G                      D
I was 26 years old the first time I lived in a house
       A                E                    G               D
With a washer and dryer in it and that's the year I bottomed out
A              E               G                 D
Maybe what was missing was the sense of community that comes from
A            E                              G                 D
Hauling your big old load out in public and airing your dirty laundry
        A                E                           G       D
And the company of other people who also don't have the amenities
          A                           E                   G              D
At their convenience in a home that's so set up that they never have to leave
           A                    E
I miss the smell, the dust, the coins, the trust
    G                  D
The squeaky carts, the vibrations
    A                       E
The bucket full of bleach, the dryer sheets
    G                  D
The old pay phone, the giant sink
    A              E
I'd watch my daddy mop the floor
    G                D
And my heart started with a quarter
    A              E
I'd watch my daddy mop the floor
    G                D
And my heart started with a quarter
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