The Undeserving - Something To Hope For chords

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So this is mainly a piano song, but I guess it might work with just a guitar

Em F G Am Em F Gsus G

Do you remember
when life was an ember 
Em                    Gsus    G
waiting to burst into flames
Am                    F
Are you so tired, and so uninspired
Em                     Gsus  G
slowly drifting to the end?

Em    F	       G          Am
Don't let your heart keep breaking
Em   F          G      Gsus G
Move on, please don't look back

F       C	     G
We fall down, we get up
          Am       G
We try to hold our head up
F         C        Gsus G 
when life pulls us apart
F      C            G
And We fight and we bleed 
           Am   G    F      C        G     Am G F
But all we ever need is something to hope for
    C	     G
Something to hope for

Am                   F
Whatever we can see, whoever we should be 
   Em              Gsus G
is well within our reach
Though nothing is certain 
we pull back the curtain
E/C                 Gsus G
longing for purpose there

Pre Chorus


Am B/G C Dm C

We bend, we may break, 
but we keep it together
We give and we take 
but we keep trying

Em F G Am Em F Gsus G



F   C        G    Am G F
Something to hope for
    C        G    C
Something to hope for
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