The Vaccines - Weirdo chords

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All I've done is added a capo to the version by Lunasco_23 to make it slightly easier to play.


The Vaccines
Come Of Age

F, C, Dm, C, Bb 

F                  C
I know I'm fucking moody
     Dm        C       Bb
And I know I'm quite unkind
I know I'm kinda of distant
But you're always on my mind

C                               Bb
And you will imply that I am apa-thetic
             F           C
Right to the bone

And I don't wanna let it go
    A             Bb
You know I'm not a weirdo, no
I don't wanna let it go
You know I'm not a weirdo

F, C, Dm, C, Bb 

Verse 2
I guess I'm quite controlling
And I'm insecure
And I know you'd like it better
If I opened up some more

But I don't even know if I could look you
Straight in the eye (oh my)

[Chorus] x2

Play chorus chords over Ahaahaaah! part

I know that I'm neurotic
And I'm hard to please
And I'm disobliging
And faulty by design

Not withstanding
I think we could work out just fine

[Chorus] till end
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