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The Vanity Project - Wilted Rose tab

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This is the single from Steven Page's "Vanity Project." Hear the tracks and check out 
video at

No Capo

Am, F, G, C, Em

Am        F             G               C   Em
I almost cried, on the day my country died
Am        F         G   Em
I almost tried to care
They built a wall to protect them from us all
We should have left them there

Am G  C             F   C   G
Revolution is the first to go
Am            C        G    Em
The rest is forced to stay

A                  D                E
Shall I cast this out, this wilted rose?
A     E    D       A  E
Yeah yeah yeah, no no no
Like Pierre Trudeau's walk out in the snow
Can it be time to leave?

Don't go
     F         G               C        Em
You know it's all the same to me these days
   Am         F       G
I swear it's hard to care

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