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The Veronicas - Couldve Been chords

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The Veronicas
Could've Been
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -   xx0232
D -   xx0232
F#m - 244222
E -   022100

Intro: A--D--

Verse 1:
  Do you ever wish that she was me
Ever close your eyes and think 
about what could've been
Could've been
I find it hard to Breath
When I sleep at night you 
haunt me inside my dreams
Inside my dreams

A                  D
  Look at me In my eyes
And tell me that you 
feel nothing inside
Cause I can't wash 
you off my skin
But I can't see you ever again

Post Chorus: A--D--

Verse 2:
A                          D
  Do you ever wish she was me
Or am I left here missing 
you not missing me?
Not missing me

(Repeat Chorus)

F#m                 E
   So I'll forget I love you
Don't want you anymore
I'll keep on lying to myself

cause we could've had it all
F#m                       E
   And you should keep pretending 
that Im only just a friend
Can you look me in the eyes and
say that its worth it in the end?

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: A--D--

A                                 D A(hold)
  Do you ever wish that she was me
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