The Violet Burning - Maker Of The Stars tab

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Song: Maker of the Stars
By: Pritzl (The Violet Burning)
Tabbed By: Kirby123

        C      G/B
I am so in love with you
      Am7     G/B              F/A
My heart I gladly give to You
C/E                G
Maker of the Stars
      C               G/B       Am7             G/B
Oh God, my desire I've waited all my life
      F/A         C/E                    G/B
For just one moment in Your arms

F               C             Am7                  G
When I consider the beauty of your fingertips
         F                     C            G
The moon and the stars over me
F           C       Am7                   G          
Who am I that you would be mindful of me
C/E                 G
Maker of the Stars

F           C      Am7               G
Eternal God awesome and bright
           F                   C                G
Your mercies each morning are new

the reason that the tab is marked intermediate is because it doesn't sound as good 
the F/A, C/E, or G/B
*note: you can play this in many different keys, but I chose to do it in C*
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