The Wanted - Running Out Of Reasons chords

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Chords for "Running Out of Reasons" - The Wanted

This song is from The Wanted's forthcoming album 'Word Of Mouth'. So far, I've only 
heard part of the song in the preview, but it's an amazing song and so I thought I'd share 
what I've got so far...

You wanna say no, no,
It ain't gonna work,
But then you fumble your words, 
Wooaahh ohhh, you're running out of reasons

 C                               Am
Oh ohh, turn on your light,
While you part your lips on mine,
Wooaahh ohhh, you're running out of reasons,

Just let the fire burn, burn girl,

Some things you cannot learn, learn so,

Oh ohh, let it all go,

That stuff you already know,

Wooaahh ohhh, you're running out of reasons


 C                                 Am
Stand right there and you'll never get nowhere,
G                                F
When you run like you do, like you do,
  C                     Am
It's no, no fair I'm sure that your secret's out,
G                            F
Everyone sees right through you,
C                                               Am    
So tear up that list of things you wrote down, wrote down,
   G                                       F                       D
Of why you can never be with me now, oh now

I know where you wanna be yeah

*repeat chorus*

That's pretty much it guys, it might not be perfect but it sounds okay to me.
I may put up another tab of this so g when I hear the full version so 
keep your eyes peeled. Thanks guys! :)
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