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The Watanabes - Love Princess chords

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BabyBoom Records JP:

Am7                Cmaj7                     Em
I recall the day I came to stay in my beloved Ehime. 
D*                       Am7                   Cmaj7                               
There wasn't much I could say to express my confusion
At least in Japanese anyway. 

Am7                  Cmaj7                          Em               D
I was struck by the smell of the staff-room and the dog-like procedure involved 
        Am7                    Cmaj7               Em                     
when I went to the bathroom. It was a struggle back then. 

    G      D                  C
But now... I've learned to use the toilet, 
       G                      D                      C
And now after failing niikyu I can speak nihongo, or whatever they call it. 
       G              D             C       
Now I can ask a girl for her phone number 
             G                         D                     C
And after 12 long months I'm pretty bloody good at ikebana. 

Am7                   Cmaj7                      Em                              D    
When I arrived in my town, they said there's a super(market) down the road,
                    Am7                         Cmaj7                Em
And it's not too far. It took two hours by train and another hour by car. 
Am7                       Cmaj7
I made a nice group of friends in my town, 
They were a very friendly bunch, 
D                     Am7            Cmaj7                    Em
But they didn't get let out of the old peoples home, that much. 

G           D                   C               
But now... I've made friends my own age, 
       G                  D                        C
And now I can read a menu, well at least the first page. 
G                           D                          C
And now I understand that people don't mean to be dicks, 
                G                           D                          C
When they say with a patronizing smile, that I'm good with chopsticks. 

Am7                             Cmaj7
I have grown to love the love princess,
               Em                 D                    Am7
I just wish I had a little more success with the opposite sex, 
         Cmaj7                       Em
or if I was gay then with the same sex. (Repeat Twice)

*Note: D on the verse is played in the shape of C 2 frets up.
Note: The album version is played with the guitar tuned two steps down.
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