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The Weepies - When You Go Away chords

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Nothing against the other version, but it's not how the song is played 
on the album. I'm pretty sure this is right from playing along a couple 
times, it's a great song. Enjoy! Be sure to tune down half a step to play 
along with the original. 


G            A                    Bm                       D
When you go away it's like you hide the sun  ohh ohhhhh

G            A                    Bm                       D
I regret today, the things that we might have done  ohh ohhhh


G                  A 
No relief from grey skies

Bm                        D
Where'd you take those blue eyes?

G                    A
What can I do?

(Same chords for next verse)

When you go away it's an unfinished song
Can't find words to say
but I know where you belong

*CHORUS again*


G                               D               A
Take me with you this time, won't you, won't you?

G                                D              A
Don't make me miss you this time don't you, don't you

G                               D           A           G
We're so much better together don't you think? I doooo.  

         D             A
I dooooooooo ohhhhh ohhhhhh

*VERSE 3 (palm muted)*
Walk the street parade looking through everyone 
But they don't have your face
Oh look what I've become ohhh ohhhhh


End on D 
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