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The Weepies - Nobody Knows Me tab

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Capo At 4th
Same rhythm/chords (Except Bridge)

G -   320033
C/B - 200033
C -   032033
A -   003330
D -   XX0232

         G                  C/B
1        When I was a child
2        Now I got lots of friends
3        I don't give a damn
4        I know how you feel


          C         C
1        everybody smiled,
2        yes but then again
3        im happy as a clam
4        no secrets to reveal 
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          G      C/B         G
All      nobody knows me at all

         G            C/B
1        Very late at night
2        kids and a wife
3        ah what can you do
4        very late at night

         C                  C
1        and in the morning light,
2        its a beautiful life
3        theres nobody like you
4        and in the morning light 

         G       C/B        G
All      nobody knows me at all

2        Bridge

         A C D
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