The Whomping Willows - Fall In Love Tonight chords

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Fall in Love tonight by The Whomping Willows (
as seen on YouTube
Some parts are uncertain

You see her standing there
With these ribbons in her hair
Your heart is cracking (?) at her side

You're shaking but you know
your the only boy at the show
you know you got your chance tonight

Stop standing so freightfully
show her you got some moves and 

A       E    D
Fall in love tonight (2x)

A  dbm  D

The band is playing pantsy (?)
She's the girl of your dreams 
It's not so scary as it seems

Just put aside your worries 
And show her that you care
My friend you got nothing to fear

Stop all this hesitation 
And get out on the floor and

A       E    D
Fall in Love tonight (2x)

gm                               A  E
If Harry can defeat the dark lord
gm                              A E
I think you can approach a girl
gm                         E
And chances are she's been waiting for you

Fall in love tonight (4x)
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