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The Wolfetones - Sean South From Garryowen tab


This song is about Sean South who was shot dead, along with Fergal O'Hanlon, during
a daring raid on an R.U.C. base during the I.R.A.'s border campaign of 1956-1962.

Sad are the homes 'round Garryowen
Since lost their giant pride
And the banshee cry links every vale
Around the Shannon side
that city of the ancient walls
Unbroken Treaty Stone, undying fame
Surrounds your name, Sean South of Garryowen

Verse 1
  T'was on a dreary New Year's Eve
                   C          G
  As the shades of night came down
                  C    G
  A lorry load of volunteers
    C            Am     D7 
  Approached the border town
             G               C        G
  There were men from Dublin and from Cork
     C      Am    D7
  Fermanagh and Tyrone
  And the leader was a Limerick man-
                  C    G
  Sean South from Garryowen
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