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The Wombats - Lets Dance To Joy Division tab

Hey there, just messing aound with ma guitar and decided to figure out this song, as it 
a rate tune.

Haven't figured it out properly, bits like the interlude n stuff I ain't done, but got 
basic structure and whatnot.

If anyone fancies writing a proper tab for it with strumming patterns or whatever then 

Intro and Verses (verses are pretty much one strum of the notes marked with a ^ ...the 
has a funky strum, u'l know what it is if you've heard the song)

  ^  ^    ^    ^
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|-77777777-222222-44-55555555-00000000-|x2  |-00000000-|
|-77777777-222222-44-55555555-00000000-|    |-00000000-|
|-88888888-333333-55-66666666-11111111-|2nd |-11111111-|
|-99999999-444444-66-77777777-22222222-|add |-22222222-|


|-777--666--555--777--| play these four notes, but after each set of 3 play
|-777--777--555--888--| this little riff, or something like it...


I may have written that a little more complicated than it needs to be but as I say, if 
who is any good at writing tabs wants to neaten this up go for it

Cheers y'all enjoy this song

Jack Haynes
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