The Zolas - Youre Too Cool chords

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Acoustic Version of You're Too Cool
by The Zolas

As there are no other versions of this song, please bear with me and let me know about 
changes that should happen!

Standard tuning

chords used:
Em  {022000}
C   {032010}
G   {320033}
Am  {x02210}

Intro       also does these 2 notes after each line
D     0
A  2
e         Em     C G       Am     

Em         C       G               Am       
Love don't live at home, oh no, it slithers in the wild
Em        C      G                 Am       
I met her at the Biltmore, she was cold and over-styled
Em     D/F# G         Am      G/b C
Took all my money and took all my pride
Em      C        G                Am      
      C      D
She may not be a pharaoh, but she guzzled down the Nile.

I can tell we'll never be safe

'Til the walls fall down.
Every morning chipping away

'Til the walls fall down.

Won't you cry on my shoulder, won't you laugh at my jokes?
It's okay to relax in this forest of folks
Cause nobody's aiming a stick at your spokes
So won't you cry on my shoulder, won't you laugh at my jokes?

G       Fm  G       Fm

G                                   Fm     G
I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake   (x2)
    C   G/b    Am      G
And now you're back in town, I know you want to
C    G/b  Am       D#
show your New York crown
    C   G/b    Am       G      Am  
  C   D
But now you're much too proud,
You're too cool.

(same as verse)
On the road I dream of home and when at home I dream of action.
Our apartments are all haunted by the ghost of satisfaction.
Cause we all want something that's bigger than fashion.
So spill out your heart brother, show me your passion
Spill out your heart sister, show me your passion.

Just listen to the song and work out rythm and strumming pattern, I know there are some 
with the bridge i havent quite worked out yet- everyone is coming in the door now making 
and i'm tired...

reply with questions/advice at
tabbed by Ryan
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