The Zydepunks - Dear Molly chords

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Go easy this is my first tab, I think it may be played with a capo, not sure.

Song: Dear Molly

Artist: The Zydepunks

     G            D
Dear Molly how ya been?
           Em                     C
Are you in Dallas, or back in Lafayette?
               G                     D           G
Thanks for the dance, thanks for the gin My old friend
       G                    D
Did we ever walk down Saint Claude
       Em                    C
Was it you I saw at Markey's Bar?
       G                     D
Did we ever share a night at Vaughan's
       Em                  C
Did we ever walk the levee walls
             G                  D           G
Yeah we were there and we'll be back My old friend
         C              G
Now, the dreams take me home
         D             G
Far from dirty towns I roam
          C               G
Dreams of fear, dreams of hope,
          Em           G
Dreams of faces that I know
           G                 D
Down on Burgundy men pass me by
      Em                            C
Is it fear or is it murder in their eyes
      G                   D
Donít tell me this is the end
                   Em                      C
We've been through worse and we'll be back again
             G              D                G
We'll have a drink for each other In the 9th Ward

Accordion ends the song with: G-C-G-D-G

Album: Finisterre | Written by: Juan Kuffner

© Zydeco Punk Publishing LLC
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