Thea Gilmore - Rosie chords

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Thea Gilmore
(Recorded Delivery - 2009)

(same chords in all three verses)

Intro: G  D  C  G

Verse 1:
                          G      D
Well, the cars are leaving town
    C               G
The winter's moving in
                G         D
A tree has been torn down
      C                G
By an ill wind, an ill wind
                 G      D
Oh, Rosie can you tell
   C                G
My age from where I sit?
                  G      D
I'm younger than I look
    C                      G
But old enough to know the half of it

C    D      G                  D
  Rosie, Rosie, what you gonna do about it?
C    D      G                  D
  Rosie, Rosie, what you gonna do about it?
          Em        D7
You could still fly south 
       Em            D7
Before they find you out

Verse 2:

Well, you've got needles in your eyes
From all those glances that you stole
Any secret that's worth keeping
Will always burn a hole
Oh, I saw you over coffee
Four sugars and some cream
You were smiling quietly 
Holding your face over the steam


               Am         F          G
And anyone who calls your bluff will learn
                      Am       F       C
That you don't need a match to get your fingers burned

Interlude: G  D  C  G (2x)

Verse 3:

Well, it's a wild December night 
And you have packed your bags and gone
And you haven't old a soul 
Which plane that you got on
And you left behind your letters
Your hairbrush and your red shoes
You left behind your name and
A little boy who looks like you

   G  Dsus4  C  D

   G  Dsus4  C  D
   G  Dsus4  C  D

Outro: G  Dsus4  C  D
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