Thelonious Monster - The Big Star Song chords

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There may be some variations with the chords, but this is basically it. Sounds 
pretty close, so enjoy!

Intro (D - G - A)


A           D            G     A
 The light shines in her eyes
       D          G     A
 But she doesn't see it 
         D              G     A
 And the love that she wants
        D           G      A
 Could never come near her....


A            C   D
 Well she's so sexy 
           G   A
 And she's so sad
            C   D
 And she's gonna be 
            G  A
 That way forever...


A                      E
 Well she works at a market
 Bagging groceries
 And she hates that she has to be nice... 

Listen and repeat as needed.
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