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They Came Running - Dry And Brittle chords

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Song: Dry and Brittle
Band: They Came Running
Album: Sound on the Radio

Am         G/B                        F
Take the world but give me God's love
Am                 G/B                F
'Cause I'll find rest when I'm dead
Am                   G/B                       F
'Cause He's the sweetest song that I have ever heard
            Am      G/B       F
It plays loud inside my head

Turn: Am         G/B                        F

Am         G/B                        F
I long for You just like the ocean breeze
                           Am         G/B               F
'Cause You're the wind that fills my sails
Am                  G/B                 F
My senses are numbed by the autumn scene
             Am            G/B                 F
Like the leaves that paint the ground

          Am  G/B    F
You are ho -       ly
          Am  G/B    F
You are ho -       ly

C   Dm    Am                  G
Wh  -    oa, my eyes are on the sky
C   Dm    Am         G
Wh  -    oa, arms opened wide
C   Dm    Am           G
Wh  -    oa, rain on me tonight
C                  Dm    Am          G
'Cause You are holy

Turn: Am         G/B                        F

Verse 2: *same chords* I long for you just like a precious stone
'Cause You're the jewel that captures me
And who could have loved with a love so bold
To give His son up to die for me

Chorus: *same chords*Whoa, my eyes are on the sky
Whoa, arms opened wide
Whoa, rain on me tonight
'Cause You are holy

Bridge: (listen for timing)
     I'm just dry and brittle
      Looking for the rain
Bdim                                              Dm           Am     G
      So open up the heavens and revive me again

Whoa, my eyes are on the sky
Whoa, arms opened wide
Whoa, rain on me tonight
'Cause You are holy

Lead tab:

Main riff: 


Verse (tremolo picking w/ long, tapey delay)
e|-19-------12  (x2)

Bridge riff (on the second half):

*drone the high e on top of the melody on the B string*
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