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They Might Be Giants - Im Your Boyfriend Now chords

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Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: I'm Your Boyfriend Now
Album: Cast Your Pod To The Wind (The Else Bonus Disk)

Verse 1:
Early one day I got up the strength
To call you on the phone
You answered and said "Please leave a mess"
And I dropped the receiver then
E                             A
I'll do as you ask if I can figure out where you live
And though the world may think you strange
I find you great and
F#m              A
Just for your information
                B   E
If you should hear this
F#m G#    A
I   am letting you know that
B7         E
I'm your boyfriend now

Verse 2:
I read your book But then it took
A year to find your house
I was nervous at first And then it got worse
When there was no turning 'round
If you don't know by now just look I'm
Right outside
You've got to admit that
I'm your boyfriend now

E              F#m
Your boyfriend now
     A                E
Is fond of long walks on the beach at night
Your boyfriend likes
  D       G      Bsus4  B
Italian food and wine

e: -0-2-4----0-2-4----0-2-4-5-4 }
B: ---------0--------0--------- }
G: ---------------------------- } - x2
D: ---------------------------- }
A: ---------------------------- }
E: ---------------------------- }

Your boyfriend wants
To meet someone who shares his interests
In listening
To voices in my head

You don't have to say it
I can see it in your eyes
I can read it in your heart
I can hear it in your silence

Late Part Of Verse
And just for your information if you should
Get this letter
Here's a reminder
I'm your boyfriend now
I don't need you to tell me the things
I know are true but
Can't you admit that
I'm your boyfriend now?
Why don't you act like
I'm your boyfriend now?
Don't deny it
I'm your boyfriend now
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