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They Might Be Giants - Lmno tab

Spoken: Hello, children. It’s time for an important lesson with Professor Flans. This is 
four letters that people sometimes confuse for one: L M N O!

[I play this on the keyboard, so here are the tabs notes and the actual notes]
  G Bb C D C Bb G Bb C  Bb G
G--------------------------------|    4x
A---1- 3---3-1-----1--3-1--------|
  G Bb C  D  G Bb C D D   G Bb C D D D  D D D D D

The notes for the “ohhhhhhh... L M N O” part are like this:

D F G A G F D F G F D   4x

Then back to the first thing and then the second thing and then the third thing and then 
first thing! Do it on the keyboard if you can.
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