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Thieves And Villlains - Everyone Believes Acoustic tab

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Emin: (022000)
Asus2:(x02200) pull off to (x02000)
Cmaj: (x35553)
Gmaj: (355433)

Emin, Asus2 (without pull off), Cmaj, Gmaj
Emin, Asus, Bmaj (x24442)
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Cmaj, Gmaj, Emin, Asus2 x3
Cmaj, Gmaj, Asus2

Then repeat verse and chorus.
For the solo which follows the second chorus, you just repeat the chords of the chorus 
and then it goes into:

(x355xx), (x254xx), (x02200)
then 1 strum each at the end of this measure: (x02200)(x254xx)

(x355xx), (x577xx), (x24442)

Then repeat the chorus and for the ending just play the bridge chords again.
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