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Third Day - Communion tab

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Third Day
By Mac Powell 
Where Ever You are

G		                                D	
This is the body…. This is the blood
                     A                                         D Dsus D
Broken and poured out…. For all of us.
                     G			    Bm
In this communion we share in His love.
                     A       G                       D
This is the body  This is the blood
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Verse 1
Bm              G                             D                                               Dsus  Bm
I will remember, everything Lord, that you've done for me
                                     G                       D                          A
I won't take for granted, the sacrifice, that set me free
F#m                G                            F#m
I hunger and thirst for your love
Come fill me today


Verse 2
F#m                     G                            F#m                   G
We hunger and thirst for your love, and your righteousness
F#m                       G                            F#m
We long for your presence here Lord
Be with us again

D                   A
This is the body   
G                     D
This is the blood (x2)
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